About Us

A. Kauffman 1Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Aaron Kauffman has over ten years experience analyzing and implementing simple and pragmatic solutions to localized environmental degradation.  Aaron has a broad background in watershed management including reforestation projects in the Dominican Republic, monitoring and evaluation of pre- and post-fire erosion rates in oak savanna and ponderosa pine environments, and stream restoration in Arizona and New Mexico.  Aaron has also developed and taught community workshops and courses, including a Watershed Management class as part of the Sustainable Technologies program at the Santa Fe Community College.  More recently, he has dedicated himself to addressing urban watershed issues such as polluted runoff, urban heat island effect, and channel degradation from flooding.

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Arts in Ecological Studies from Seattle University and a Master of Science in Watershed Hydrology and Management from the University of Arizona.  He founded Southwest Urban Hydrology LLC in 2012.